Aurizon Ultrasonics LLC expands horizons of liquid processing


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Startup company brings new possibilities to IMI Ink Jet Printing Conference in Arizona

KIMBERLY, Wis., January 14, 2010 – Aurizon Ultrasonics will showcase its exciting high-powered ultrasonic technology for batch or continuous liquid processing at the IMI Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference, Feb. 3-5, in Chandler, Arizona.

The newly formed company has leveraged its expertise and technology portfolio in harnessing the power of ultrasonics to include devices and systems that enable continuous liquid processing possibilities as alternatives to traditional batch processing. This multifunctional technology has been effectively demonstrated in various processes, including blending difficult ingredients, emulsifying multi-component formulations and effectively dispersing pigment agglomerates.

“We believe Aurizon’s ultrasonic liquid processing can be an efficient and highly effective means of improving a variety of common liquid processes such as mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, and/or degassing liquids in a continuous process,” said Bob Cool, Executive Vice President.

In addition to continuous formulating of inks and dyes, Aurizon’s ultrasonic liquid processing technology opens the door to a wide range of potential applications across a variety of markets, including:

  • Spray drying – pre-blending feed streams
  • Combustion – emulsions of fuel with water or other additives
  • Pharmaceuticals – finer particle size droplets
  • Specialty chemical manufacturing

Potential benefits of Aurizon’s liquid processing applications include increased productivity, improved quality and product consistency, on-demand manufacturing, lower process costs, waste reduction/less cleanup, and removal of dissolved gases in liquids.

“Aurizon Ultrasonics offers novel, high-powered ultrasonic systems that can enable new possibilities in not only liquid processing but other industrial applications as well,” said Cool. Those applications include:

  • Rotary ultrasonic processing – a high-speed means to achieve bonding of materials that contain thermoplastic components or precision cutting of a wide variety of materials
  • Ultrasonic nozzles – an efficient and effective means of improving the flow of liquids through orifices, including enhancing the atomization of liquids and increasing the throughput of viscous liquids

Aurizon Ultrasonics, formed in 2009, offers patented technology and a staff with more than 100 years of combined experience in the research and manufacturing of high-power ultrasonic technology. The company takes a unique approach to ultrasonic technology development, focusing on the efficient delivery of power to the point in the process where it will bring the most positive effect. Unmatched Power. Unrivaled Impact.


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