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Aurizon Ultrasonics: A More Sustainable Option? – Decide for Yourself at INDEX 17 Stand #1568

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(March 9, 2017 – Kimberly, WI, USA)  Aurizon Ultrasonics designs and manufactures high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for a variety of nonwoven processing applications including bonding, attaching and elastic entrapment. In addition, we have engineered solutions for feature attachment, embossing, acquisition layer attachment and back sheet lamination. Our patented technology provides a solid foundation for delivering solutions […]

High Speed Crushing of Zippers Using Rotary Ultrasonic Technology

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At the PMMI Innovation Stage at Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago, Aurizon Ultrasonics and Zip-Pak collaborated on a presentation to demonstrate why rotary ultrasonics is the most fitting solution for the zipper crushing process.  They discussed benefits of the technology including a higher process rate, shorter seal times and increased quality of the zipper crushing […]

Which Bonding or Sealing Solution is Right for Your Process?

Technical advances in the hygiene, packaging and converting industries have led to a variety of options for the bonding, sealing and welding of nonwoven textiles, plastic packaging film and other materials. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each technology can help you make the right choice for your application. This article compares rotary and stationary […]

Aurizon Introduces Soniseal™ 40 UL Series at Pack Expo International in Chicago

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At Pack Expo 2016, Aurizon will be introducing our Soniseal™ 40 UL series of rotary ultrasonic bonders. These systems offer maximum seal consistency and control in a high speed package and are designed specifically for flow wrapper, VFFS and HFFS machinery. In addition to an increased capacity for sealing through residual product due to the rotary action of […]

Aurizon Ultrasonics at Hygienix 2016

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  This week, Aurizon is introducing our Adhesive Savings Calculator at Hygienix 2016 in Orlando, FL. We welcome you to stop by our tabletop display to learn more about the benefits of rotary ultrasonic bonders, including: Faster operating speeds Reduced energy costs Increased productivity Lower maintenance costs Improved safety For more information, see Introducing the Adhesive […]

Introducing Our New Adhesive Savings Calculator

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Personal care and hygiene products often use elastic strands secured in nonwovens to prevent leakage or improve fit. Many manufacturers secure these elastics with adhesives; however, adhesives have several drawbacks.  Adhesive is expensive, the delivery systems are costly to maintain, overspray and strike-through cause machine delay and reduce elastic performance.  In addition to all of […]

Horn Resurfacing Frequency

The technical experts at Aurizon Ultrasonics have invested many years and millions of dollars in rotary ultrasonic research and development—including advanced acoustic tool (sonotrode) modeling, fabrication and analysis. In our rotary bonders, the sonotrode (horn) delivers the ultrasonic motion radially around the disc circumference to the material being processed. Some of that research and development […]

Basic Components of a Rotary Ultrasonic System

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  Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic bonding machines are composed of several basic components and sub-components.  (Actual system components may differ depending on the application it was designed for.)   Stack Assembly The stack assembly consists of a converter, drive booster and a rotary ultrasonic horn (sonotrode) along with its vibration isolation/mounting flange.  All of these components […]

Replacing Heat or Glue-Based Processes with Rotary Ultrasonic Technology in an Industrial Application

When the decision has been made to change an industrial process, it was likely driven by a particular factor such as: Safety Desire for improved economics Legislation change Improved material performance Competitive pressure from other businesses Machine upgrade Improving operations Reduced machine delay frequency Reduced delay duration Ultrasonic technology can provide multiple positive returns, such […]

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Comparing Rotary Ultrasonic to Stationary or Blade Technologies

Ultrasonic technology is offering new potential across various industries including cutting, bonding, sealing, embossing, elastic entrapment and countless other custom applications. Manufacturers are employing ultrasonic technology to bond various types of materials together without using adhesives or heat sealing. Ultrasonic processes are particularly effective on nonwoven laminates and other plastic films. Making the switch to […]

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