Aurizon offers capabilities that can result in process solutions for a variety of specialty applications.

Specialty Converting

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Our Sonisolution™ Series of bonders are designed for specialty applications such as narrow web embossing, complex

shape cutting, print labeling, perforating corrugated material converting, and more. We partner with you to develop

customized solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and enable new capabilities.


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Sonisolution™ 20, 30 or 40 Compact Series

Compact systems with a good combination of speed capability, system cost and machine footprint.  Available with 20 kHz, 30 kHz, or 40 kHz frequencies. 


Features/Benefits include:

  • Easy system integration
  • Single and dual drive options
  • Higher continuous power delivery
  • Significant energy savings over other sealing methods


Sonisolution™ 20 Series

A 20 kHz high-speed, non-contact rotary cantilevered bonder great for applications needing fast processes and/or for sealing heavy materials. Used in a variety of applications that utilize nonwoven substrates. 


Features/Benefits include:

  • High-precision, non-contact processing
  • Smaller footprint
  • Open-frame structure provides easier access for wide product flow
  • Intermittent product processing


Sonisolution™ 20 EX Series

A 20 kHz high-speed, cantilevered expandable bonder for wider web applications. Capable of operating effectively in contact if necessary to bond webs ranging from ultra-thin up to thick and lofty. 


Features/Benefits include:

  • Up to 12″-wide continuous process width
  • Parallelism adjustment on each horn axis
  • Independently driven axes


Sonisolution™ 30 or 40 CS Series

High-speed systems that can be used in continuous motion cross-web sealing or intermittent motion top sealing. Multiple-head concept can be customized to fit a variety of processes. 


Features/Benefits include:

  • Width can be customized to fit various product widths and lengths
  • Continuous motion cross-sealing possible
  • Intermittent motion cross- and top-sealing possible
  • Concepts can be configured to fit various machine footprints
  • High sealing speeds enable increased production rates

IMAS - Integrally Mounted Acoustic System

The IMAS system is engineered to bond/emboss thermoplastic materials and products containing non-thermoplastic components (e.g., SAP, fluff pulp) at ultra-high speeds. Applications include bonding lofty materials, such as absorbent cores and feminine pads. This non-contact system is capable of processing at speeds up to 2000 fpm (600 mpm). 


Features/Benefits include:

  • High-precision, non-contact processing
  • Multi-disk horns enable wide, non-continuous cross-web bonding
  • Intermittent product processing possible

Active Force Control™

A closed-loop system for maintaining process control and optimum performance in high-speed, non-contact applications. 


Features/Benefits include:

  • Ensures hands-free setup and operation
  • Provides real-time process information and feedback
  • Automatically compensates for changes in process conditions


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