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Aurizon's rotary ultrasonic processing technology offers an alternative to compression, thermal, and adhesive bonding systems as well as other types of existing ultrasonic technologies used in many converting processes.

Our state-of-the-art rotary technology and precision manufacturing enables high-speed processing without contact, delivering bonding or cutting while virtually eliminating wear and tear on the equipment. By utilizing patented rigid mounted horn and anvil designs as well as a comprehensive systems approach, this technology delivers high amplitude radial expansion to create rapid compression of materials passing through an in-running nip. The cross-direction uniformity of this radial expansion ensures that the effect on the materials across the width of the processing region is consistent.

With four different rotary ultrasonic platforms to offer, each with different footprints and multiple configurations, Aurizon’s rotary technology can be integrated into a variety of end-use applications. These systems can be customized to integrate existing or newly developed processes.

Aurizon's rotary ultrasonic technology can impact and improve a variety of market and process applications, including:

  • Personal care/hygiene converting
  • Medical or healthcare product manufacturing
  • Food or consumer product packaging
  • Embossing or die cutting materials in a wide range of basis weights
  • A variety of specialty textile and non-woven applications

Potential Benefits:

  • Substantial productivity increases due to higher speed
    processing capabilities
  • Reduced raw material usage or eliminate process contamination (e.g., adhesives)
  • Decreased equipment maintenance (e.g., non-contact system)
  • Bonding non-conventional materials (e.g., polylactic acid films)
  • Simultaneous processing (e.g., bonding and cutting)
Aurizon's rotary ultrasonic technology is capable of high-speed continuous bonding or die cutting of materials.
Aurizon's rotary ultrasonic technology is capable of high-speed bonding or die cutting of many diverse materials.

Exaggerated motion of Aurizon’s dual rigid mounted IMAS horn design.  Horn can be driven from both ends, enabling high power delivery (8 kW) and peak-to-peak amplitudes up to 0.005" (125 µm) without contact between the horn and patterned anvil.

Aurizon's Integrally Mounted Acoustic System.
Integrally Mounted Acoustic System
Aurizon's Rotary Contact Bonder.
Rotary Cantilevered Bonder
Aurizon's Compact Contact Bonder.
Compact Contact Bonder
Aurizon's Integrally Mounted Acoustic System.
Rotary Cross Sealer (RCS)
Aurizon's Integrally Mounted Acoustic System.
Active Force Control (AFC)

Aurizon's Rotary Die-cutting Video:
High-speed Cutting of Lightweight Non-Woven
Aurizon Ultrasonics's new concept for cross seals in flexible packaging applications.

Ultrasonic Nozzle Technology
Ultrasonic Liquid Processing Technology

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Aurizon’s high precision rotary system demonstrating non-contact die cutting of light-weight nonwovens at ~1000 fpm (305 mpm). Precise amplitude control allows a range of cutting options, including single layer cuts in a dual layer material or scoring the materials for ease of removal later in the process.