KIMBERLY, Wis., Sept. 1, 2009 — Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC is a startup company that brings unrivaled expertise in the applied technology of ultrasonics to a wide range of commercial and industrial processes.

Formed as a spin-off company with technology, assets and key employees from Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Aurizon Ultrasonics leverages an estimated $30 million and 25 years of ultrasonics research and experience into the continued development and commercialization of new innovations that hold exciting possibilities in many industrial processes and markets.

Supported by an intellectual property package of several hundred patents and over 100 years of combined experience in research and manufacturing, the Aurizon team is focused on bringing proprietary ultrasonic technology solutions to three primary industrial applications:


  • Rotary ultrasonic processing — a high speed means to achieve bonding of materials that contain thermoplastic components or precision cutting of a wide variety of materials
  • Ultrasonic nozzles — an efcient and effective means of improving the ow of liquids through orices, including enhancing the atomization of liquids and increasing the throughput of viscous liquids
  • Ultrasonic liquid processing — an efficient and highly effective means of achieving a variety of common liquid processes such as mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, and/or degassing liquids in a continuous process and in commercially viable quantities

The core of Aurizon’s ultrasonic technology in each of these areas lies in the ability to deliver unparalleled energy to liquids with an efficiency and focus that may enable industrial processing unlike ever before. The team’s extensive experience ensures that new ultrasonic devices can be custom designed to meet a variety of process applications and end uses.

At Aurizon Ultrasonics, we would like to learn more about your process challenges and explore together how our technology solutions might revolutionize your applications.

For additional information, please contact us by phone, (877) 321-3718, or e-mail, info@aurizonultrasonics.com.

Bob Cool
Executive Vice President
Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC

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