Aurizon strives to be the globally recognized leader in the design, development and delivery of ultrasonic solutions for disposable hygiene, flexible packaging and specialty converting applications.


Aurizon’s ultrasonic technology offers an alternative to pressure bonding, thermal bonding, adhesive bonding and other types of existing ultrasonic technologies that will enable high-speed continuous or intermittent bonding of thermoplastic materials. Our patented technology can provides the following in your industrial applications.


  • Substantial productivity increases due to speed increase and lower process delay time
  • Reduce or eliminate raw material usage
  • Decrease equipment maintenance
  • Energy savings
  • Enable capability not currently available by other means


Our ultrasonic technology can be customized in a variety of ways to offer unique process solutions in a variety of applications within the hygiene/personal care, packaging and specialty converting markets. Click on your application to learn more!


Accubond™ Series
Soniseal™ Series
Sonisolution™ Series
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The Aurizon team is committed to partnering with you to deliver cutting-edge products and processes. We strive to gain a thorough understanding of your needs in order to develop a comprehensive and customized solution that considers key parameters such as horn metallurgy, acoustic designs and geometries, component fabrication and system engineering.



We welcome inquiries in which our expertise can be utilized to improve your processes.  Feel free to contact us with your questions!





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