5 Benefits of Using Ultrasonic Technology in the Packaging Industry

Aurizon’s ultrasonic technology and vast process experience allow us to offer solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and/or enable new capabilities in packaging applications. Soniseal™ systems are optimally designed for vertical and horizontal package sealing as well as other packaging-related applications.

Effective seals on packaging can be achieved using any one of many sealing technologies; it is important to take into consideration the materials, process speeds, seal integrity requirements, environmental conditions and costs associated with your specific application. Five of the benefits of using ultrasonic technology in packaging processes are listed below.

1. Effective Sealing through Solids, Liquids and Powders

Ultrasonic sealing effectively seals through residual product without using heat, allowing for fewer seal failures and less product damage. In addition, the rolling contact from our rotary systems enables better sealing because of the inertia possessed by the system.

2. Faster Sealing Capabilities 

Heat sealing relies on a uniform area of high temperature—whereas Soniseal™ ultrasonic sealing works by rapidly and cyclically compressing the packaging materials, causing them to excite, which initiates melting at a low temperature to form the seal. These high-frequency compressions produce seals from the inside out, meaning less time is required for heating, sealing and recovery.

3. Requires Less Energy

Ultrasonic technology can reduce energy consumption by increasing operational efficiency while decreasing energy use byeliminating the need for heat in the packaging process.

4. Low Risk of Product Damage Due to Heat

Heat sealing uses high temperature heat sources that come into contact with the packaging material surface and transfer heat through the materials until they melt and form a seal. Ultrasonic sealing generates much less heat that is contained within the material in the seal zone.

5. High Degree of Process Control and Consistency

Because start and stop control is nearly instantaneous, and there is no need to wait for the system to “warm up”, ultrasonic sealing offers a constant and reliable process.

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