A Whole New Approach to Customer Service

Aurizon delivers more than ultrasonic equipment; we provide customized ultrasonic solutions that meet the needs of many different applications. From packaging to personal care, our patented technology provides a solid foundation to solve your specific bonding and sealing challenges.

Frustrated by having to adapt off-the-shelf ultrasonic equipment for your bonding application? Let Aurizon’s experienced and dedicated team help create custom-engineered systems that deliver results. We’ll partner with you to develop comprehensive solutions that meet or exceed the needs of your application. And our service doesn’t stop with the delivery of equipment. We offer in-depth training and integration support to make sure your team gets the most impact from your customized solution. From initial consultation through equipment integration and process start-up, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Contact Aurizon to discover how our rotary ultrasonic technology can be custom-engineered to improve the performance and capabilities of your process so you can maximize your productivity.

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