Effective in sealing dissimilar materials like films, elastics, textiles, and nonwovens often found in medical applications…

Medical Disposables

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Face Mask Bonding

Intermittent or continuous bonding useful in the production of face masks can be achieved. This includes the ability to bond around rigid parts (e.g., metal nose bands) and bond non-thermoplastic components like cotton and elastic components into other face mask materials.



Sonibond™ 20, 30 or 40 Compact Series


Garment Seaming

The rotary bonding system can be used to make intricate seams on garments where a continuous seam without holes is required.



Sonibond™ 20, 30 or 40 Compact Series


Package Sealing

The rotary bonding system are excellent for sealing medical packages on products that are heat sensitive or require thicker films for better protection.



Soniseal™ 40 UL Series


Sterile Wrap Seaming

High-speed bonding of multi-layer nonwovens used in sterile wrap applications can be achieved to enable edge seaming as well as create multiple seams in wide web applications.



Sonibond™ 20 or 20 EX Series


Custom Applications

Aurizon’s rotary technology can be customized in a variety of ways to offer unique process solutions in many medical applications. We welcome inquiries where our expertise and process knowledge can be leveraged to provide honest and open discussion under complete confidentiality.


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