Capabilities that can result in process solutions for a variety of specialty applications…

Specialty Converting

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Aurizon’s unique rotary technology has enabled several new-to-the-world processes that are in production around

the world.  Contact us today to find out which Sonisolution™ System is right for your application.


Examples of our capabilities include:

Corrugated Material Converting

Systems can be configured to process corrugated materials to deliver scoring, cutting, or compacting of the material in either intermittent or continuous processes.

Narrow Web Embossing

The rotary ultrasonic systems can be combined with custom anvil pattern geometries to achieve high speed embossing on many different types of materials.


Perforating / Aperturing

Careful design of the anvil patterns used in a rotary system can deliver precise and reproducible slits or other shapes in narrow webs or films.


Print Labeling / Bonding

Anvil patterns can be designed to replicate corporate brands, logos, or other types of information to simultaneously bond the materials and make the forms visible on the surface.


Web Shape Cutting

Complex shapes and geometries can be designed and used with a rotary system to enable high speed continuous cutting that can be precisely controlled and offers durability and reproducibility.


Wide Web Seaming

Split head systems can be designed to enable wide web clearance between the rotary horn and anvil assemblies and with the adjustability to vary cross web location of the seam.

Custom Applications

Our ultrasonic systems can be configured in a variety of ways to provide unique capabilities and enable processes that may not currently exist.


Contact us today to learn more about specialty converting custom applications.

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