Aurizon Ultrasonics: A More Sustainable Option? – Decide for Yourself at INDEX 17 Stand #1568

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(March 9, 2017 – Kimberly, WI, USA)  Aurizon Ultrasonics designs and manufactures high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for a variety of nonwoven processing applications including bonding, attaching and elastic entrapment. In addition, we have engineered solutions for feature attachment, embossing, acquisition layer attachment and back sheet lamination. Our patented technology provides a solid foundation for delivering solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs or enable new capabilities for your organization. Our ultrasonic sealing systems will also reduce energy consumption through more efficient sealing methods.

At INDEX 17, Aurizon will be showcasing our adhesive-free elastic entrapment system.  The elastic entrapment system is comprised of a high power rotary ultrasonic bonder that creates bond points in nonwoven materials adjacent to a reduced diameter, elongated elastic strand.  When the elastic strand is relaxed, the strand expands and is captured between the bond points. The process is robust to temperature, time and end-user solvents because the elastic is entrapped in the thermoplastic substrate, not attached with a susceptible binder material.  Our elastic entrapment method eliminates the need for adhesives, lowering your costs and making products more environmentally friendly and more easily recycled.

Aurizon’s ultrasonic entrapment technology provides extension and retraction curves close to nonattached elastic strands, maximizing performance of the elastic and improving product comfort.  The tension of the entrapped elastic is lower at elongation versus any other means of attachment.  Eliminating the stiffening effect of the adhesive also produces a softer and more breathable fabric with improved drape, bend and crush conformability.  In addition, this method allows for a wide range of aesthetic customizations since gathers are produced by the bonding pattern and strand feed positioning.

The Aurizon Ultrasonics team has been committed to the research, development, and commercialization of ultrasonic process solutions for industrial applications for the last 30 years. We work through a structured process that starts with understanding your challenge, continues through designing and integrating the required equipment, and culminates with the delivery and installation of the system. You can depend on our knowledge and expertise to formulate the best approach to deliver precise, measurable results.

Let us know if we can put our technology and capabilities to work for you – and see if we have solutions to your process challenges! Visit us at INDEX 17 in Geneva, stand #1568 to learn more.  For a sneak preview, visit us at and use our calculator to estimate how much you can save by eliminating adhesives in your manufacturing process.

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