Aurizon Ultrasonics: Creating Custom Systems for Industrial Process Challenges

Company: Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC

Products: High-power ultrasonic systems, including rotary bonding, liquid processing and nozzle systems for industrial processes. Aurizon designs and builds its systems to custom specifications for manufacturers in the personal care sector (e.g., diapers and other nonwoven bonded products), consumer or industrial goods packaging (e.g., sealing systems), combustion applications (e.g., large engines, turbines), and industrial chemical formulating (e.g., compounding, mixing, dispersing).

Location: Kimberly, Wisconsin

Employees: 20 (up from nine when formed in 2009)

August 2009 as a spin-off of Kimberly Clark to encourage increased innovation beyond Kimberly Clark’s core business strategy. Funded by NEW Capital Fund with K-C maintaining a minority ownership interest. Certified for Qualified New Business Venture tax credit program through the Department of Commerce.

Leadership: Bill Raaths, Chairman; Paul McCann, CEO; Bob Cool, Executive VP Sales & Marketing; Tom Ehlert, VP Research, Development & Engineering; Greg Benrud, VP & CFO. Investment partner: Charlie Goff, President NEW Capital Management

Operations/Market: All systems are custom-designed to meet the high-performance and demanding applications of Aurizon’s customers. Acoustic components are fabricated on-site, with many remaining parts made by local suppliers. Systems are assembled on-site with precision accuracy and tested and installed at customer facilities by Aurizon personnel. Customers range from relatively small to Fortune 50 companies, with installations spread throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia and Mexico.

Business Successes: Achieved new levels of market expansion this year, including successes in personal care production, high-flow spray systems for fuel oil and other viscous materials, and film sealing solutions for packaging, all of which open up significant new growth opportunities for Aurizon.

Wisconsin Business Environment Benefits:
Aurizon has access to world-class machine shops in its own backyard (one supplier can ride his bicycle to Aurizon’s facility). It also has significant market potential in Wisconsin due to the state’s robust industrial and consumer goods manufacturing sectors. Aurizon also appreciates easy accessibility to air transportation that makes serving their global clients possible.

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