Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC, showcases its high-power technologies at IDEA10 show


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Aurizon Ultrasonics expands horizons of high-power ultrasonics

New company to unveil new possibilities for bonding and die cutting, liquid processing and spraying technology at IDEA10 show in Miami

KIMBERLY, Wis., March 1, 2010 – Aurizon Ultrasonics, LLC, will demonstrate the capabilities of its high-power ultrasonic technology for rotary bonding and die cutting, continuous liquid processing, and atomizing liquids at the IDEA10 show, April 27-29, 2010, in Miami Beach.

Exhibiting at Booth #1728, Aurizon Ultrasonics will showcase its expertise in applying the power of ultrasonic technology to processes and systems in ways that are capable of revolutionizing the operations of manufacturers and converters in a wide variety of industrial processes and markets.

Aurizon Ultrasonics has patented technology and years of experience in implementing rotary ultrasonic processing systems that offer an exciting alternative to pressure, thermal, and adhesive bonding systems as well as other types of existing ultrasonic technologies used in non-woven converting, said Bob Cool, executive vice president.

Aurizon’s rotary processing systems present a high-speed, non-contact means to achieve bonding of materials that contain thermoplastic components, precision cutting of a wide variety of materials, or simultaneous combinations of the two.

“Our state-of-the-art rotary technology maintains unmatched precision processing without contact, delivering high-speed bonding and/or die cutting while virtually eliminating wear and tear on the equipment,” said Cool.

“By utilizing patented dual-mounted horn and anvil designs as well as a comprehensive systems approach, our technology delivers high amplitude radial expansion to create rapid compression of materials passing through an in-running nip,” Cool explained. “The cross-direction uniformity of this radial expansion assures a consistent effect on the materials across the width of the processing.”

Cantilevered versions of this technology are also available, allowing a smaller manufacturing footprint and easier implementation for processing applications that involve large or bulky products.

Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology can improve a variety of market and process applications, from personal care/hygiene converting and healthcare product manufacturing to food and consumer product packaging, embossing and die cutting.

Potential benefits include substantial productivity increases, reduced or eliminated use of adhesives, decreased equipment maintenance, simultaneous bonding and cutting, bonding of challenging materials (e.g. polylactic acid (PLA) based substrates), and lower total processing costs. Aurizon Ultrasonics also has demonstrable expertise in:

  • Continuous liquid processing, a potentially superior alternative to traditional batch processing that has been effectively demonstrated to dramatically improve blending of difficult ingredients, emulsify multi-component formulations and effectively dispersing pigments and other particles. Potential benefits include increased productivity, improved quality and product consistency, on-demand manufacturing, lower processing costs, reduced waste and cleanup, and removal of dissolved gases in liquids.
  • Ultrasonic nozzle technology, an efficient and effective means of improving the atomization of liquids or increasing the throughput of viscous liquids through orifices. Aurizon’s ultrasonic nozzles are “self-cleaning,” helping to minimize or eliminate clogging that can often occur with small orifices or viscous liquids.

Aurizon Ultrasonics, formed in 2009, offers patented technology and a staff with more than 100 years of combined experience in the research and manufacturing of high-power ultrasonic technology. The company takes a unique approach to ultrasonic technology development, focusing on the efficient delivery of power to the point in the process where it will bring the most positive effect. Unmatched Power. Unrivaled Impact.


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