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Step up Your Game!

We have been using ultrasonic technology in place of adhesive for a while now and it is stepping up the game for product manufacturers that want to please their customers! Aurizon’s ultrasonic bonders are being used for a variety of nonwoven processing applications including bonding, elastic entrapment, feature attachment, embossing, sheet lamination and cutting.

Our patented technology in your process can deliver increased productivity, reduced costs, and sustainability. Customers appreciate the aesthetic benefits of ultrasonic

bonding which includes odorless, softer, more breathable fabric and the potential for using lighter materials and reduced elastic decitex. Elasticized fabric created by ultrasonic methods has more drape, bend and crush conformability than products that contain adhesive.

Watch a short video illustrating the most popular ultrasonic applications here.

What Else is New?

Hang on to your hat, because it just might get blown away by our next announcement! In the past, Aurizon Ultrasonics exclusively provided rotary sonotrodes with their technology. However, in 2019 we are expanding our product line by including the option of fixed-blade horn ultrasonic technology. This is especially important for OEMs that need both rotary and fixed technologies on one machine.

When appropriate for the application, the blade horn can reduce equipment costs by leveraging the increased blade width. It is not suitable as a replacement for all rotary horn applications, yet we have found that there are some less demanding applications where it is an effective solution such as material lamination and edge sealing.

Visit us at IDEA19!

If you are interested in learning how Aurizon can put their technology and capabilities to work for you – and find solutions to your production challenges, come talk to us!  We will be hanging out at booth #820 at IDEA19 in Miami Beach from March 25 – 28.

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