How Does Aurizon offer a Custom Solution that Satisfies Each Client’s Individual Need?

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Aurizon ultrasonic bonders are designed and built in the USA, most often with the input of customers, then shipped to their production plant to be installed. Currently, Aurizon equipment is operating in 29 countries with nearly as many native languages. Operating a business in a global setting is always a challenge but building customized machinery for use in another country will test your communication skills at an all new level.


Ultrasonic technology is instantaneous, clean and efficient. We have noticed an increased interest in adoption of the technology worldwide as these benefits are recognized.
Dan Sorensen, Technical Sales Director – Hygiene, Aurizon Ultrasonics



It all begins with an interest in reaping the benefits of ultrasonic technology. If you are so inclined, the first step is to connect with one of our technical sales directors at a tradeshow, through our website, by email or telephone. Aurizon technical sales directors speak English, so we suggest you use the communication platform that is easiest for you. In that first conversation, we will begin to develop a solid understanding of your process problem or opportunity. If your application seems feasible, the next step is setting up a trial to determine if our technology can deliver the results you are looking for.


Aurizon’s testing facilities are designed to predict how your existing materials will react to the ultrasonic process. We will process (e.g. bond, seal, cut, emboss) samples of your materials simulating your process conditions as closely as possible. The samples are then subjected to quality tests in-house using your preferred testing methods (e.g. tensile, elongation, vacuum pressure testing) or returned to you for testing at your facility. With the test information in hand, we can evaluate the ability of our technology to deliver a solution to you.

If the trial was unsuccessful and you have specific ideas that justify a second trial, Aurizon is open to working with you on that. We may also have some ideas of our own to suggest. Sometimes there is a fee for second and third round testing.



If the trial has been successful, your technical sales contact will begin a conversation with our Engineering Design Specialists. This is where the magic happens! Our collaborative approach begins with listening to your application or process needs. Aurizon’s technical experts then draw on their scientific knowledge and industrial experience to provide a solution that will deliver on your desire to increase productivity, reduce cost or enable new capabilities in your organization. All of Aurizon’s technicians have substantial experience in developing, designing, implementing and troubleshooting a variety of industrial converting process technologies.



Once the system specification is completed, a quote is written up and sent to you. After a purchase order is received by Aurizon, we will start building! Delivery of your order is dependent on the scale of the equipment, current backlog and the shipping destination. If it is deemed necessary by both parties, on-site support from Aurizon can be arranged for the installation, programming and start-up of your new system.

Throughout this process, you will benefit from the Aurizon Team’s extensive experience in process development, process integration, training, servicing and supporting a myriad of ultrasonic systems in commercial production environments.


Experience Better

Aurizon’s patented technology provides a solid foundation for delivering top of the line ultrasonic solutions. We will strive to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and consider key parameters such as horn metallurgy, acoustic design, component fabrication and system engineering for your situation. Contact us with your ideas or challenges and we will help you determine if we can develop a customized solution to meet your requirements.

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