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Personal care and hygiene products often use elastic strands secured in nonwovens to prevent leakage or improve fit. Many manufacturers secure these elastics with adhesives; however, adhesives have several drawbacks.  Adhesive is expensive, the delivery systems are costly to maintain, overspray and strike-through cause machine delay and reduce elastic performance.  In addition to all of the above, adhesives are not environmentally friendly.

Aurizon Ultrasonics’ Adhesive Free Elastic Entrapment solution does not require adhesive to secure the elastic strands; thus when you add this system to your process, the cost of the adhesive product is immediately eliminated.  In order to estimate an accurate amount of savings over a period of time, Aurizon technical specialists have created the Adhesive Savings Calculator.

The calculator estimates “adhesive cost” savings.  However, the amount saved from eliminating adhesives is only a fraction of the total savings that can be acquired when changing processes.  Other benefits gained as a result of switching to ultrasonic technology includes increased operational efficiency, material cost savings and improved product comfort and performance.

Increased Operational Efficiency – By eliminating the cost of operating and maintaining the glue applicator equipment, labor and utility costs will decrease.  Adhesive application processes require a significant amount of maintenance, expensive spare parts and labor to maintain.  Adhesive overspray and strikethrough require the converting line to be stopped regularly for cleaning.  Each delay event results in lost production time and creates a waste stream shutting down and starting up.

Material Cost Savings – Ultrasonic technology provides the option of purchasing less expensive, lighter weight nonwoven materials and elastics because there is no need to worry about adhesive bleed-through or loss of elastic performance due to the stiffening effect of adhesive.

Improved Product Comfort and Performance – Not only does eliminating glue maximize fabric softness; Aurizon’s ultrasonic entrapment technology provides extension and retraction curves close to non-attached elastic strands, maximizing performance of the elastic.

The adhesive savings calculator estimates the savings incurred by no longer purchasing glue for your elastic entrapment process.  Below is a list of parameters you need to know to calculate your savings.

Adhesive Application Rate  – This is the rate at which your adhesive is applied to the elastic; measured in milligrams of adhesive per meter of elastic.

Product Length – This is the length of the portion of your product that has elastic applied (in millimeters).

Number of Strands – The number of strands in the adhesive panel.

Number of Panels – The number of elastic panels per product.

Production Rate – The number of products produced per minute.

At this point the calculator will provide your total glue consumption per hour in kilograms.  Once you insert the number of hours of production per day, you will have your total glue consumption per day.

Cost of Glue – The cost of glue in USD (US Dollar) per kilogram.  If you need to convert your currency, Google has a simple calculator here.

Cost of Entrapment System – This cost can vary greatly.  Please contact us to help you accurately define the cost of an elastic entrapment system for your application.

Days – The number of days in which to determine ROI, typically 365.

We think that removing glue from your elastic process not only results in significant savings when making hygiene products, but also helps you to produce a softer product with an improved fit.  If you have any questions about using the calculator or would like to speak to us further about the Adhesive Free Elastic Entrapment solution, please contact Dan Sorensen at or (+1) 920-750-5087.

For additional information, read our post about the benefits of Replacing Heat or Glue-Based Processes with Rotary Ultrasonic Technology in an Industrial Application.

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