Material Solution Sales – New Manufacturer’s Representative for Aurizon Ultrasonics

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Aurizon Ultrasonics, the leader in rotary ultrasonic solutions, announced today that Material Solution Sales (MSS) of Raleigh, North Carolina is their new manufacturer’s representative to manage rotary ultrasonic solutions in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

MSS was formed in 2013 to provide manufacturers with products and services to increase productivity, reduce waste and reduce costs. For over 25 years, James “Les” Kimley has increased his technical engineering expertise by working as a sales engineer, regional manager and the owner of a small manufacturing company. Now, at MSS, he works with a customer’s existing process and recommends dispensing and assembly solutions from simple to full automation.

“Aurizon’s Manufacturer’s Representative training program enables us to provide access to ultrasonic technical specialists across the country,” said Mark Sjoberg, Aurizon Ultrasonics’ Director of Packaging and Specialty Converting markets, “We are excited that Les and MSS have joined our team of sales and marketing professionals.”

To learn more about Aurizon’s sales programs, contact Mark Sjoberg at 920.750.5090 or

About Material Solution Sales
Material Solution Sales (MSS) is a customer focused sales organization specializing in assembly solutions for manufacturing companies. With over 25 years in manufacturing technical sales, their goal is to provide value to customers in technical expertise with both product and process improvements.  They have experience with a wide variety of industries including automotive, transportation, renewable energy, building related products, plastics joining, electronic and medical components.  MSS can provide a materials-based solution to the most challenging assembly requirements and work to automate the process to reduce waste and increase production output.

About Aurizon Ultrasonics
Aurizon Ultrasonics is a leading supplier of high power rotary ultrasonic systems to the packaging, hygiene and specialty converting industries with extensive experience designing, manufacturing, installing and supporting ultrasonic systems for bonding nonwovens, films and other materials.  Aurizon offers 20, 30 and 40 kHz systems capable of speeds up to 2000 fpm.  To learn more about Aurizon Ultrasonics, visit their website at

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