New Rotary Ultrasonic Sealing Technology Showcased at PACK EXPO 2014

Bob Cool
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Aurizon Ultrasonics to feature new rotary ultrasonic sealing technology at Pack Expo International 2014

KIMBERLY, Wis. (Oct. 16, 2014) – Aurizon Ultrasonics will be showcasing its rotary ultrasonic sealing technology at Pack Expo International 2014, November 2-5 in Chicago. They will be located in booth S-2661 in the South Hall.

Ultrasonic systems use high-frequency mechanical vibrations to seal packaging materials such as thermoplastic films. By rapidly and cyclically compressing the materials, the vibrations cause them to heat and melt from the inside to form the seal without the need for heat or costly adhesives. Aurizon’s rotary systems utilize two wheels to form an in-running nip that applies point contact on the material and leads to a more consistent seal versus other conventional ultrasonic systems.

The highlight of Aurizon’s booth will be its new CCB (Compact Contact Bonder) UltraLight series, said Bob Cool, executive vice president of sales and marketing. This machine can seal right up against the product, thereby potentially reducing the size of the fin on flexible packages and providing significant cost and material savings. Other benefits of the UltraLight are that it is considerably lighter and smaller than the company’s original Compact Contact Bonder, it can be easily integrated into existing horizontal form fill and seal machinery, vertical form fill and seal machinery and flow wrapper machinery, and it is more cost effective than other ultrasonic sealers.

Aurizon will also be displaying several of its other rotary ultrasonic systems including its Intermittent Motion Top Sealer, its original Compact Contact Bonder, and its Rotary Cantilevered Bonder at the booth. Visitors will be able to see sealing demonstrations and talk with ultrasonic experts about how rotary ultrasonics can be used to solve their sealing challenges.

According to Cool, Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic systems offer an alternative to adhesive and heat sealing as well as conventional stationary ultrasonic technologies used in converting processes. Rotary ultrasonic systems are particularly beneficial when sealing multiple layers, sealing through contaminants and sealing materials used to package heat-sensitive goods such as chocolates, confectionary products and pharmaceuticals.

Aurizon Ultrasonics was created in 2009; however, its research team has been developing and expanding ultrasonic technology for more than 30 years with its origins in the Kimberly-Clark Corp. Aurizon’s expertise and patented technology make it a leader in the ultrasonic sealing industry and provide a solid foundation for creating customized solutions to meet the needs of the packaging industry. By partnering with each customer and working together to develop a comprehensive, customized solution for their packaging sealing challenges, Aurizon invites companies to experience better by increasing their productivity, reducing their costs and improving their outcomes. Aurizon is a PMMI member and was recently named one of Inc. magazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

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