How It Works

Stretched elastic strands and non-woven material pass through rotary ultrasonic drum and anvil

Elastic strands entrapped in non-woven material with no glue

See Rotary Ultrasonics in Action

Stretched elastic strands and non-woven material help create the perfect elastic without glue.

Key Advantages of Ultrasonics over Glue

Saves on material costs

  • No costly adhesive materials and complex adhesive delivery systems
  • Can utilize lower cost nonwoven/film substrates
  • Can utilize lighter weight elastic materials without compromising performance

Increases production line efficiency

  • Can increase your process uptime while lowering your process waste
  • Is adaptable to your existing capital asset bases

Improves product comfort and performance

  • Maximizes elastic performance
  • Maximizes fabric softness
  • Enables customized aesthetics

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Charting the Course of Comfort

The higher the tension in the elastic strand, the less comfort your customer will experience. With Aurizon’s ultrasonic entrapment technology, we are able to reduce the tension and give your customer a more comfortable experience. Notice the lower tension of the ultrasonic-entrapped elastic versus glue (orange line compared to grey line). Ultrasonics has little impact on the pure elastic strand performance while offering maximum softness and less stiffness (orange line compared to blue line).

Tension vs. Elongation


Common applications where elastics are attached to non-wovens include: Adult Briefs, Baby Diapers, Child & Adult Pull-on Pants, Medical Stretch-fit Articles, Contour-fit Hygiene Products and other custom applications.

  • Elastic Attachment Adult Briefs
    Inner leg cuffs
    Outer leg cuffs
    Side stretch panel
    Stretch waist
    Stretch tabs
  • Elastic Attachment Baby Diapers
    Inner leg cuffs
    Outer leg cuffs
    Stretch waist
    Stretch tabs
  • Child and Adult Pull-on Pants
    Inner leg cuffs
    Outer leg cuffs
    Side stretch panel
    Stretch Waist
  • Medical stretch-fit articles
    A variety of stretch fit applications including masks, caps, gowns and footwear
  • Contour-fit hygiene productsBody comforming side stretch features

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