Top 10 Reasons Why Ultrasonic Technology Creates a Better Elasticized Fabric

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Personal care and hygiene products often use elastic strands secured in nonwoven materials to prevent leakage and improve fit. Many diaper manufacturers secure these elastics with adhesives; however, adhesives have several drawbacks.  Aurizon Ultrasonics is proving that there is a better way to produce elasticized fabric – ultrasonic technology!

The following ten reasons are just the beginning of the long list of benefits that ultrasonics offers:

10. UNAFFECTED BY BODY TEMPS – Warm temperatures do not affect the integrity of an ultrasonic bond.

9. STANDS UP TO OILS AND LOTIONS – Oils and lotions will never dissolve an ultrasonic bond.

8. CRUSH CONFORMABILITY – Fabric created by ultrasonic elastic entrapment has more drape, bend and crush conformability than products using adhesive.

7. PRODUCT DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – Enables customized aesthetics via bonding pattern and/or elastic strand positioning.

6. BREATHABILITY FACTOR – Eliminating adhesive makes the product more breathable, allowing excess body heat to escape, keeping the consumer cool and comfortable.

5. ODOR ELIMINATION – What doesn’t smell?  Ultrasonics, that’s what!

4. IMPROVED FIT – Use lighter weight fabrics so the final product is more flexible and has reduced visibility when wearing.

3. DECREASED FABRIC WEIGHT – Use lighter weight nonwoven materials because there is no need to worry about adhesive bleed-through.

2. SOFTER FEEL – Eliminating adhesives maximizes fabric softness and comfort for the consumer.

1. MAXIMUM ELASTIC PERFORMANCE – Aurizon’s ultrasonic entrapment technology provides extension and retraction curves close to non-attached elastic strands creating a fabric with near the pure elastic response for stress vs. strain.

Aurizon Ultrasonics manufactures rotary ultrasonic equipment used in various industries to bond, attach, emboss and laminate thermoplastic materials. Our rotary ultrasonic systems offer a number of features and benefits over hot melt adhesive applications and thermal bonding, such as material savings, energy savings, sustainability benefits and increased process speeds.

Aurizon is promoting ultrasonic technology at the Hygienix Conference in Austin, TX from November 7-8, 2017. We welcome you to stop by our tabletop display to learn more about the benefits of ultrasonic technology and how it can be incorporated into existing processes.

Read more about replacing heat or glue based processes with rotary ultrasonic technology in an industrial application.

The adhesive savings calculator estimates the savings incurred by no longer purchasing glue for your elastic entrapment process.  Feel free to contact us with questions.

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infographic - ultrasonic technology creates better elasticized nonwoven fabrics


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