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Rotary Processing

Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic devices are high-power systems that use a voltage source applied to piezo-ceramic converters that vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies. Our unique and patented rotary horns convert this vibration into radial motion, where the expansion and contraction of the rotary disk occurs uniformly around its circumference.


When coupled with a rotary anvil, the two components form an in-running nip that effectively and efficiently delivers energy to the materials passing through. This energy, delivered through high-frequency compression-relaxation of the material, produces a hysteretic loss in the material, causing it to melt from the inside out.

The above animations illustrate the exaggerated motion of Aurizon’s rigid cantilevered horn design vibrating radially vs. a typical stationary “blade” horn vibrating extensionally.  A key advantage of the rotary horn is the ability to achieve very high amplitudes and operate in contact with other surfaces (e.g. patterned steel anvils) without catastrophic failure of the horn or converter.  Other advantages include:

Key benefits of rotary ultrasonic technology vs. stationary “blade” ultrasonic systems

  • Enables faster processing speeds
  • Effective at processing discontinuous products or webs
  • More energy efficient
  • Excellent for processing lofty webs or materials
  • Can operate in contact mode to generate forces required for high speed bonding of lightweight materials
  • Able to withstand metal-to-metal contact without catastrophic damage

Key benefits of rotary ultrasonic technology vs. heat sealing

  • Very effective at sealing through contaminants including solids, liquids and powders
  • Low temperature sealing is safer and requires much less energy
  • Enables faster sealing capability, as heat is generated in the materials from the inside out
  • No risk of product damage due to heat
  • Offers high degree of process control and consistency
  • More durable; requires less maintenance
  • Instantaneous on/off requires no prolonged start/stop sequence

Key benefits of rotary ultrasonic technology vs. adhesives

  • Cleaner processing; requires no cleanup of messy adhesives
  • Offers greater process uptime due to fewer process disruptions
  • Lower cost to operate; no costly adhesives to purchase
  • More energy efficient; no heating of materials required
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